Tuesday, 22 April 2008


Well the internet has been pretty fussy so I am just going to write a note off line, and try and attach it. It only works if the planets are aligned and when it does somebody else usually needs it. So I thought I better try and do something here.

The weather has been beautiful here. Everything is blooming. The apricots are the first and then the cherries, the apricots have already bloomed and the cherries are in full bloom. Cherries are the first fruit we get so those should be coming out soon, then strawberries then rasberries, then everything. Which is exciting for us. Through the winter fresh produce is very expensive. Most Ukranian people don’t eat fresh fruits or vegetables until spring, when they can afford them. Bananas are about a dollar a pound. It hurts but we won’t do without. Ukranian people give their children cod liver oil for vitamins to get them through the winter. They do a lot of canning and so have that, but other then that they mostly eat their borsht. Which is about one carrot and maybe two potatoes and a beet and a handful of chicken in a 3 quart (approx) pan of water. Of course they also have breads and cheeses and sala (which is pork fat rolled in salt) So they are pretty happy to see the trees starting to bloom.

The other day I pulled a grape vine down that had covered our balcony and had climbed up to the fifth floor of the apartment building. It was too bad I don't know how to basket weave. Some of the vines were an inch in diameter some even bigger then that and would have made some big baskets to put toys in, or lap blankets or something. I probably would have tried to figure it out if I had room in my house. But I don't, so I tried not to dream.

I will attempt to post some pictures here. Usually Andrew is here to help me. We will see how this goes.Cherry trees I think (?) Apparently I must have been on someones property when I took these because, a lady that came out and yelled at me. I think she must have been speaking Ukranian because I didn't understand a word. Finally I just had to pick up the kids and go


Esther said...

Great pictures. The tree blossoms are beautiful.

Emily said...

I agree! The trees are beautiful!!! Can't wait for them to bloom here (we might be getting MORE snow yet) *sigh*
Thanks for the updates! Hi to everyone :)

Abbi said...

How pretty! I am sorry you are having trouble with your internet connection.