Sunday, 21 September 2008

visit from Grandma

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with my blog while we had company. For one I have been terrible about taking very many pictures, much less downloading them and posting them. Andrew's toe is much better, He was already on his feet the day he got home, It was still pretty swollen but he could hobble around on it.
Carol seemed to enjoy her time here. She was glad to finally get to meet the christians she had heard about and been praying for, for so long.
And Adele and Benjamin enjoyed their visit with their Grandma too.

Hide and seek

This is Adele's birthday party. I got her two big toys rather then a lot of little ones. The stroller you can see was a hit with her, and you can see Benjamin playing on her giant ball in the back ground. They both enjoy it, but the ball was definately a hit with Benjamin.

Then on her last day here, they made brownies together. Carol had brought some bakers chocolate from the States, so they were extra special.

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