Saturday, 4 October 2008


Andrew took the cat in to get him neutered this  morning. I was so glad to finally get him neutered he has been spraying in the bathroom and, making it very stinky and he seemed to be getting very aggresive. I was hoping a little operation would change some of that.  He can get down from the balcony (we aren't sure how, we still haven't seen him do it) and I was afraid he was going to become an alley cat, and wander the streets and just come home to eat.  Andrew took him to the vet this morning. As he left he told him(the cat) this was his last day to be a man.

Well they gave him the shot to put him out, and went to begin the operation, and discovered 'he' was a 'she'. The vet sure got a laugh out of that one, he didn't announce it quietly either. When Andrew called to tell me, I could hear the chorus of laughter in the background. It was my mistake and Andrew had to stand there and look like a doofus.  They had already given her the shot, which Andrew was going to have to pay for anyway. So they decided to do the other kind of operation. Which unfortunately was a little more expensive. 

The kids want so bad to make him I mean her feel better. Adele' tried to give her (or maybe it) her doll then she wanted to try to feed it/her and give her  a blankey.  They just can't seem to comprehend the poor thing just wants to be left alone.

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In The Tree Tops said...

That's too funny, Katie! Shelly