Sunday, 23 November 2008

It's a boy!

This is what we call a baby bump Esther!

This is all a geuss as to just exactly what this is a picture of, I mean we are pretty sure it is a baby, (not a bicycle Carrie!)I guess Ultra sound equipment is probably a little older here, then it is in the States. Or maybe it is just me.
We didn't really want to know if it is a boy or a girl but I guess I was asking to many questions, the doctor was feeling especially ornery that day too. I haven't actually been seen by a doctor, we just managed to get the ultrasound and blood work done. The Obgyn (different doctor from the one that did the ultra sound) is way over worked. The government as I understand has started to offer people money to encourage them to have more kids. They get a certain amount for the first and then a little more for the second and more for the third. It must be working because I went to the hospital twice and called the doctor 4 times before she could find time to write on a peice of paper, what I needed, and send me off to get the blood work and the ultrasound done. Even when I was there, I waited for about a half hour and there were about 5 women waiting and I could tell at least one of them was in labor. She doesn't sound like she is going to try to see me either, She just asked that I come back at 28 weeks to get a shot. (I am rh negative) and I am lucky to get that. I don't think she could possibly be the only doctor in town, the only reasoning I have been given is just that she is a good doctor.


Ang said...

Not much different then the welfare system here. sometimes anyway. Anyway. You are a cute pregant lady.

Jason said...

Even when your pregnant your skinny

Esther said...

Nice baby bump! I definitely have one now (even by others standards!). I'll have to take some pictures soon again.