Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Our new living room

The thing standing is a couch, it has already been dismembered and is laid to rest in peace. The landlord is planning to take all the furniture we don't want, however Russian people are terrible at keeping their word. There is a hutch along the wall on the left, and there is a door to the right of the window, leading to a balcony. The door to the left of the couch is potentially Adele's room. And you can't see it, but there is another bedroom to the left of the left chair. So we will have lots of room, for all of you to come and visit! Notice the wood floors, which I am very happy about. I didn't get pictures of the kitchen and the entryway and the bathroom, which are very spooky. Fortunately we can do anything with it we want, short of tearing out walls. And we have a long term guarantee, which is very hard to come by here so we can put money into it. (by money, I mean not more then $1000 should have it in very nice condition, because prices here are very reasonable.) But as you can see, we will be pretty busy, for the next month getting it ready to move in. I will try to get "after" pictures for you.

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Abbi said...

How fun! It sounds like work but I think it is a lot of fun to fix something up and make it home. That is nice that you got something with more space.