Wednesday, 31 December 2008

merry christmas

Ben a little busy recently, Christmas season is a little longer for us. We have our christmas on the 25th then Ukranians celebrate christmas on the seventh and then when we come back to the states we will be celebrating with our family. The kids are overjoyed.
one false move! We have been trying to train the cat, the kids are more then happy to help out. They are very strict.
Benjamin has a the cardboard from the inside of a roll of toilet paper. Many of you have probably heard the story about Andrew when he did something simular, you would have to hear the story to appreciate the photo
Family tradition, that Benjamin is kind of starting to get into a little. He found quite a few of the pieces himself.
That is gorgous! I can brag on myself without feeling bad at all. Pie is NOT my thing.
The kids painted picture frames and decorated their own photo for a gift for Daddy.
This is a 'spaceship', it doesn't look like one to me either, more like one of those old aluminum trailers. It is huge though, it is the size of a two man tent. It is just to bad our living room isn't a little bigger.
Andrew thinks my 'smoking wise men' are hilarious. They are actually insence burners, and they each have what looks like a bong, that goes in their mouth for a pipe. I don't know, can you smoke frankensince? I don't care, they were free!

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Abbi said...

It is fun to hear and see what you have been up too. I bet the kids will have the cat trained in no time!