Monday, 22 December 2008

seeing double

This is our cat
But who's cat is this? Maybe a brother? Yesterday I opened the door and he marched right in like he owned the place. We put him back outside and he waited outside our door for two days for us to let him back in. I finally felt sorry for him and decided, I could take him and buy him some fish or something. Well we didn't get very far, and he decided he was uncomfortable with me holding him. So he ran away. It was just a few hundred feet from our door though. So he might come back. If he does I don't know what to do. The poor thing, is skinny, and has fleas. He is so pretty, but we can't have two cats, one causes enough mischief.


Jason said...

Why would you hold a cat with fleas? Have you ever heard of Lyme Disease? Both of your animals should have flea collars right away-nasty ferrel cats. You should buy a BB gun instead.

Katie said...

ticks carry lime disease, sorry jason cats aren't quite as ferrel as you would like them to be. besides lime disease is not in the ukraine if I understand correctly.