Sunday, 14 June 2009

back home

Avery Patrick's daughter

Tea and Benjamin

Adele' holding Zane

Grandpa Ted, my mom's dad, mom Julian and I

Benjamin in the emergency room with his broken arm

I think it is hilarious (and very nifty) that they make kids drinks in these little cups, so the kids don't have any idea they aren't having the exact same thing you are.

It was this. . . no, THIS big!

Adele wanted broken arms too.

Benjamin's 'blue belly' lizard

setting up camp with dad, we camped out a few times while we were traveling, for one, it is cheaper, for two the kids thought it was a blast.

Adele' setting up the sleeping bags. They got to be quite the experts, after setting up and tearing down a few times.

Julian after the cheese

We kind of mozeed up the coast while we were visiting some western churches taking the kids to see the ocean. And we saw a couple of light houses, amongst our travels. We were there during a kind of stormy time of year, which really made it scenic, the waves were huge!

This is called and octopus tree. Benjamin and Andrew took a potty break and this was outside the rest area, I never got to see it, because I stayed behind with the other two.

it is impossible to get a normal picture of a five year old

Julian had thrush, but I didn't want to get to the doctor, just to get a prescription, while we didn't have insurance, so we went with a natural rememdy called gentian voilet so Julian had purple lips for a few days

Back in Minnesota just before we left. Adele and Avery loved to sit on their little chairs on Patrick and Corinne's porch

The science museum is free of third Sunday, of the month so we took the kids. They had a blast! They run water through all these pipes and you put ping pong balls in it, and turning the valves you have to make the water go certain directions to get it to carry your ping pong ball where you want. Or this thing was for the little kids, in other places they had bubbles in the water. Who knew water could be so much fun?

Tea' 'working' in a factory. Its to bad they don't have these kids actually doing something, 30 kids running all over the place, could be powering a city!

Talking on the phone


  Sorry I haven't had a chance to blog since I got back. We are doing great,  just getting back into the groove here.  

           We had a great time traveling in the States. Although it is good to be home. Benjamin is back to his studies, which he is just thrilled about. He has to work through the summer, as we weren't able to do much while we were traveling in the States. Adele is being your average, aggravating little sister. And Julian is growing so fast! He has just this week started to hold toys in his hands. His favorite toys, of course, are his feet. He sits on a chair and his feet 'float' around in the air while he tries to catch them and eat them. 



Abbi said...

I love all the pictures! Thanks for posting. I hope all goes well for you there!
Love, Abbi

Katie said...

I meant Kade Davidson