Saturday, 10 May 2008


Thank you for all your comments. I got lots of great ideas. The program should be fun. I tried to focus it on God having a plan for his people throughout the Old Test. (At least to Joseph since that is as far as we are going) Then at the end of our lessons we are planning on the kids doing a little program for their parents. They will each have a little line, summarizing each lesson, using a paint brush as a prop. Showing how God throughout the old testament was "painting" the church. Sort of, Andrew is going to explain it a little hopefully the idea gets across. We are hoping this will drum up some contacts, hopefully with the kids families and in time even the kids. I just have to try to figure out where I am going to get plain t-shirts that the kids can paint. No wal-mart here. I thought about just buying second-hand t-shirts from the market that are plain whatever colors we can get. They are only about 60 cents a piece if we do it that way. Anyway, I appreciated all your help.

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