Wednesday, 14 May 2008

New Kitty

Benjamin and I found a little stray kitty today. We just didn't have the heart to leave him. Andrew took the camera that I know how to load photos with so I can't post a picture sorry, I tried. Andrew is in Moldova right now so he doesn't know about it. We will have to see what he says. = ) I don't know how to tell if it is a boy or a girl. He won't let me look at his belly long enough. If it is a girl, we shouldn't have trouble with it spraying, and if we don't let it outside we don't have to worry about babies. (as you can see I know all about cats.) He perches himself on my shoulder like a parrot. He hasn't stopped purring since we brought him home. It is really going to be tough if Andrew says we can't keep him. Haha. He keeps sneezing does anyone know what that might mean? Andrew told me that cats carry lots of diseases so that does make me a bit nervous. We picked up all kinds of stray cats in Taiwan and never had any trouble with them, but now I am an adult, so I worry about these things.
Andrew is in Moldova again. His last trip was a mess. They took $250 dollars at the border and purposely didn't stamp his passport so they could charge him for it when he crossed the border again. This time, they took a taxi and the driver had some connections so he took them through a check point that was much better. Stuart forgot some papers, and they didn't even charge him for that. $60 for the taxi is a little better then $250 for extortion. Plus the ride in the taxi was half the time. So they were pretty happy. They went to the Ukrainian embassy this morning, and they should be able to get their visas today and be back Friday. I wonder if I should tell him, or surprise him when he gets home. (heehee)
By the way we finally have one bird that visits our bird feeder. We named him Bingo. (curtesy of Benjamin) He is a pretty bird but I don't know what he is. He is yellow on the back and black on the head and Except for white patches around his eyes. The cat and him should have fun together. The cat and the dog just love each other.


Emily said...

It must be kitten season! My brother just got two stray kittys dropped off at his work. They are so cute! *sigh*
Even though I love cats, I don't know much about them...disases, sneezing, etc. Sorry :)
Hope you can keep her/him/it! :)

Rosanna said...

Hey, katie, this is actually corinne on rosanna's computer. Boys kitties have one bottom hole and girls have two. sorry to be so crass, but that's how you know. it has nothing to do with thier tummies so you can stop looking there. he probably sneezes because there are new smells or dust. i don't know about carrying a lot of diseases - i think that's just what people who don't like cats say so that they have an excuse for not liking them or owning one. just my opinion. i had cats growing up and we never had money to give them shots or fix them or anything. of course we were such dirty little kids, we were probably immune to any disease. :o)

Jason said...

Hey Katie- I like cats- they taste like chicken hahahaha thats all a cat is good for muhahahaha

Abbi said...

I hope all goes well for Andrew in Moldova. I can just imagine how frusterating it must be to deal with the politics there.
It is cool that you have a bird visiting now. Mara made and put up a bird feeder here but we watched a squirrel eat everything.
Have fun with you cat!

Betsy Cradic said...

Hi Katie! We could use a stray cat in our barn to keep the mice away. We got two from a co-worker of Winn's, but they ran away. Since then I've learned that you need to pen them up for a few days so that they know to stay put. Whodathunkit?