Saturday, 10 May 2008

Ukrainian birds don't understand bird feeders

We put this up a few weeks ago and haven't had any visitors yet. If I put bread or sunflower seeds on the window sill birds come and eat it, but they won't touch the bird feeder. I had some bread sitting on top of it, and some sticking out of it so they would see it but it sat their for a week before I gave up. I bought a stick of bird food, (seeds and stuff stuck on a stick, here they call it a cracker) And hung it in the bird feeder so they could see it, but they wouldn't touch it. Then I moved it down and tied it to the bars that cover our window, down lower so they could eat off of it, while standing on the window sill, but they won't touch the cracker either. Adele' thought it looked interesting. She licked the bars trying to get a bite of it. I thought about hanging it in a tree. But it would be difficult to get it high enough so the kids could see it from our second floor window. Then keeping it full of food would be a chore too. Once one is brave enough to try it, maybe the rest will follow.

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Emily said...

Ha ha!The birds don't know what they're missing out on! :)