Thursday, 26 June 2008

English lessons have taken off! Yesterday we had ten kids. This is a good size for me. I don't think I would want more. Unless we were running a full scale VBS. A lot of them are neighbors so they can come by themselves. Hopefully it will be easier to meet the parents. A lot of people in the neighborhood are getting to know us and so far we have a good reputation. Which is good because a lot of people are suspicious of anything but orthodox. 

These little stinkers were cheating! I didn't notice until I saw the picture. They are peeking under the blindfold!  Everybody had a blast anyway. 


Ang said...

I am so happy that you had that many kids. I would agree that ten is a good number.

Abbi said...

It looks like everybody is having fun. I am so glad that you have kids coming. That is so exciting!

Ang said...

hey there! There is flooding going on here but I think now it is going down. I have had my blog for a few months now. Got it shortly after i came home for helping take care of my dad.