Monday, 9 June 2008

English lessons

Studying hard
This week no one came for English lessons. I came around the back of the church building and here they were taking a break. The photo opp was irresistable. Kaylona is the one in the middle, by the way. She is helping me translate. Benjamin is on the left and Adele  on the right. They adore Kaylona.
       I hung balloons on either end of the street, and had gone back to the church building to repair one of my signs and came back out and saw a couple of girls running off with my balloons. I asked politely where they had gotten them, and they told me from school I said how funny I just hung some balloons just like that at the end of the street. Well I invited them to English classes anyway, they were the right age for our Thursday session. Then I went back in and came back out and decided I had better go check on my balloons at the opposite end of the street, the direction the girls had been walking in. There they were making off with the rest of them. They were caught red-handed and were going to try to tell me a lie. But I kept interrupting scolding them in broken Russian. One had already ran away. The other one gave me back the balloons that she had, and helped me hang them back up. She asked me where I was from and upon discovering that I was American, was very interested in the lessons. I thought the whole thing was hilarious. I told her to come, I have 40 balloons waiting for her.  


Jason said...

That is a cool picture. I sure miss Benjamin and Adele. You do have cute kids I must say.

StacyGeorge said...

That's a funny story! I miss your kids, too! Expecially Benjamin! And I miss you too! :-)