Monday, 18 August 2008

Benjamin is growing up

Benjamin would sit down with Adele' and "read" to her while she had to sit on the potty. She actually preferred him. And he was so good and patient with her. It is nice when your kids can actually do things like that for you. And he was so happy to do it, cuz he knew he was making mommy happy.

Andrew went to the grocery store last night and told Benjamin he had to pick up his toys and we would do something together when he got back. Well, that sure was a good motivation for Benjamin, he not only picked up his toys but he organized them! And let me tell you they each have their proper place. I returned a toy to the wrong place last night and he saw it and put it right where it belonged. I should take a picture of Andrew's tools some time the comparison would be very interesting. Andrew is not a neat nick, but when he organizes, he really organizes.


Bridgett said...

Doesn't it just warm you heart to see them grow and mature. Benjamin is looking more grown up too.

Ang said...

How cute!!