Thursday, 7 August 2008

out for a swim

Baby baths here are much bigger, It is one thing I like better here, then in the States. This baby bath fits both the kids in it. It is a lot smaller then our "other" bathtub, but playing in water in swimming trunks outside is way more fun.

                                                               Big blue eyes!
After I got her out and dried up and dry clothes on, I had to go do something, and so she thought she might go take another swim! I didn't get a picture of her though. 

      We haven't really been doing very much that would be newsworthy. Unless potty training is newsworthy.  I have been trailing my  two year old for two weeks  and haven't had much success. Yesterday, we decided to start rewarding her.  Which she connected very quickly. Yesterday I decided we would try going to church without a daiper. She did fine through the service, which I was happy about as she spends most of it sitting on my lap. We warned everybody so she wouldn't go on anybody. But while she was playing outside she had an accident. I was talking with someone inside, and she came in with a big grin and a little spot on her shorts, so I was optimistic. I rushed her to the bathroom, and her clothes were all wet. She still thought she was supposed to get a peice of candy for going potty. Oh well, someday. 


Jason said...

Great pic of Adele. How did you get her to stand still so long?

You have also helped confirm my desire for no kids.

Keren said...

That is an adorable picture of Adele! Looks like a fun place to swim. :)

Abbi said...

That reminds me that I need to work on potty training. She loves to sit on the potty (which she does do regularly) but actually going doesn't happen that much. I think perhaps it is time for underwear, lots to drink and rewards.

Angie said...

WOW that is a gorgeous pic of her. If that got into the hands of a modeling agency you might have some phone calls coming your ways!