Saturday, 23 August 2008

Youth group

We don't usually go to youth group, but we have some neighbors that we invited so we went to accompany them, and really had a good time. I was very surprised at how much it has grown. There were 21 people there that night, 8 christians, including Andrew and I. So it is quite an outreach.   Our neighbors that we invited are pretty excited about it.  (Their parents are too, so we are going to see if they are interested in a bible study) 

I don't have a picture but there were 42 people at the concert that we had on Wednesday, 22 of them guests, and of those that aren't geusts there are a few that regularily come to church but have not yet become christians. So that was pretty exciting. It is so neat to see people excited about the church. A lot of the geusts we had were invited by church members. I just hope we will get some permenant growth from all of it.

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