Tuesday, 8 July 2008

work at the church building

Andrei and Jenya just getting started. We had to tear this wall out to expand the main room at the church building 
We only had one wheel barrow so the guys passed bricks through the window and the ladies formed an assembly line outside to put them in the pile of rubble. While they carried loads out with the  wheel barrow. Two wheel barrows  would have gotten in each others way anyway. And we could get about as much accomplished in the same amount of time as the  guys could. 
Benjamin after we were finished for the day standing on the top of the pile of rubble wearing daddy's big work gloves. He would have liked to be in there lifting the heavy stuff with the big boys, but it was too dangerous
Wheelbarrow rides.
They decided while they were at it to tear down the ceiling. It was going to have to be done, anyway, so they figured while they were dirty they might as well tackle that too. I will post before and after when it is all finished.

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