Tuesday, 8 July 2008

one room finished

This isn't really a great before picture because it doesn't show what it was before we started working on it at all. I geuss we decided we didn't want to remember how bad it was. A layer of concrete had fallen off the wall where we put up the sheet rock It took us awhile ( what am I saying? I didn't do anything) It took Andrew a while, and an awful lot of plaster to get it all smoothed out,  

Here the wall to the right is the wall in the first picture. The blue is actually more of a sea blue green kind of color. It looks navy next to the navy in the blanket. Navy is what we were shooting for but we are very happy with what we ended up with. The walls are buttery yellow. It is very pleasent in the morning when the sun shines in the big window. 

The only unpleasent thing is having the neighbors balcony right outside our bedroom window. I have a big curtain, but have not figured out how to hang it up yet. Curtain rods here, are oddly enough very expensive. And they are great big things that take up the whole wall. What I wouldn't give for a wal-mart. We had been stringing it up with a piece of twine, but the kids kept stepping on the curtain and pulling the nail out of the wall, or the cat would hang on it. Anyway it is really nice to have just one room done. The living room is also close to being done. I know we have probably broken all kinds of decorating rules because we have no idea what we are doing. But it suits us. Phooey on all those people who think they know what they are talking about. We are quite happy.


Venessa said...

It looks great!!! So is plaster easy to get there? I am sure there are no Lowes or Home Depots... so where do you find it - is it expensive too? How about the paint? I know - so many ?s for you! ( : I love when you post - just keeps us up to date a little more!

Jason said...

Buttery Yellow? Do you want to eat it? Does buttery yellow go with Navy blue? I remember the dividing line between the two colors...hmmmm. I wonder if Home Makeover will go to the Ukraine? I will have to check on that. I don't think I will be seeing it in person though- maybe after I get my woman.

Katie said...

Plaster is a little less then ten dollars for a huge bag of it. I don't know how much paint is. I know it is cheaper then wallpaper. I think Andrew said our bucket of ten liters was about 30 dollars. It looks to me like about 3 gallons. I have no idea what paint goes for in the States. The sheet rock was ten dollars for a peice three meters long.(a meter is pretty close to a yard.)

Ang said...

I like it and your quilt goes nicely. have you tried hanging it on a piece of wood and just nailing it to the wall it might be a little tricky to open and close but I am sure you could figure out something.

Abbi said...

Your room looks very pretty! I like yellow and blue together.
About curtian rods, one time when I was wanting to save money and also going for a rustic look I used a long, straight and strong twig. To hold it up on each end I found to sticks that had a "Y" in them and nailed them to the window frame and then set the stick with the curtian on it in them. (If that doesn't make sense you can e-mail me and I will try to explain better.) I don't know if you have a woods or something you can go too in able to find something like that or not. Another thing you can use is just a long dowel rod (if you can find that). I was just reading the other day about somebody using a hoe or rake for a curtian rod for a very country look. Wire can also work to thread a curtian on and then attach at both ends. I hope you are able to get something figured out! :-)