Wednesday, 30 July 2008


We have been enjoying some visitors from the church in Minsk. Two of them are part of the band that Zach and Adrian and Kaylona are a part of. So when they are together they like to do a concert.
After church we had a little lunch. Valerie and I had kind of thrown a few things together, and a couple other ladies brought a few things. So we had a nice little lunch, we were happy because we didn't have to do much work.
You can see the lady serving water in the back behind the cups.
These guys are going to be famous someday. The guy in the middle, Anton, is their lead singer from Minsk and you can barely see the head of their base player, Sasha, behind Kaylona.
We had a about ten visitors. a group of boys that hasn't come to church previously. We met Them when we did English lessons in April and three girls that have only been coming for youth group on Saturday. Then there was a few kids, and a neighbor boy sitting on the fence watching from behind the band, I don't think you can see him in the picture. Anyway we had a good time. Most of our visitors from Minsk are in the Crimea for this week and then will be heading back up to Minsk.

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Emily said...

Your food looks really yummy! Sounds like you have a great outreach to kids too... :)