Friday, 25 July 2008

The rest

I don't know how to post more then five pictures in one post, so I will just finish with a second post.

The only glitch in our trip is that we didn't manage to accomplish what we had gone there to do. The embassy was not willing to change my visitors visa to a religous visa. She said the reason was that I already have a valid visa. The same lady did the same thing for Andrew just a few weeks ago. When Andrew showed her his passport, she said it was just a mistake she had made, but was still not willing to do it for me.  This means Andrew can't register me or the kids here in the Ukraine. 


Venessa said...

I love when you share pics like that telling us a little bit about what it's like in your surroundings!! It's very interesting! Hope you are feeling well. Sounds like even tho you didn't accomplish what you went for - you had a nice little vacation!

Betsy Cradic said...

Thanks for sharing the photos! To post more than five pics at a time, you just have to go ahead and attach the first five photos and then from your post click on the attach photo button and do the same thing again. Clear as mud? :)

Katie said...

Thankyou, I think I got it. I thought there had to be a way.