Thursday, 17 July 2008

Last lesson

Watermelon eating contests
  should be nap time
Really getting into it
(left to right) Benjamin,  Masha, Dasha,(Dasha is visiting from Minsk) Maxim and Edik) We painted T-shirst the week before,(the ones that painted are modeling there artwork) but we had to skip a week because of the construction going on in the building. I had wanted to have classes outside, but it decided to rain that day, so we had to cancel, then the next week kids were already going different directions. So we didn't have as many kids. I think there is probably a good chance it isn't the last time we will see them anyway. Kaylona and Adrian and Zach are doing a concert soon, so I am sure some kids will be interested in that. Hopefully thier parents will come too. We talked with Edik's father (far right) He said he is coming on Sunday. So lets hope. He likes to play the drums, so he might also be interested in the concert. We had a lot of fun. And the kids retained the lessons very well, and they are all waiting for next year. 

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Abbi said...

That is so neat to hear that your lessons went well. It sounds like you had some fun activities. We were excited to have some new kids at church (as a result of door to door invitations) on Wednesday to attend our kids program.