Friday, 25 July 2008

Back home!

We enjoyed our time in Moldova but we are sure glad to be back home. I was surprised how different it is from the Ukraine. Outside of the capital it seemed very poor. In the city it was very westernized, but outside the city it reminded me of Fiddler on the roof. Every town had several wells, and horse drawn buggies and old old houses. In the city it was beautiful architecture, parks, and a very nice mall. Although we didn't do any shopping. It was set up really strange. It was like a maze with little long hallways in-between shops. Andrew said he felt like he was supposed to find the cheese. We enjoyed a good pizza place, and  a Greek restaurant the next day, every restaurant had a play ground so the kids were happy. We stayed in a very comfortable hotel. The weather was nice, it was even a little chilly one day. And the whole trip was really cheap. Traveling on the train was hot though. We were glad to get home and take a shower. 

Just a quaint old house
Probably a barn(?) I was just impressed with the thatched roof
A well. There was at least two or three in every village. They looked like they were probably used too. Some of them looked recently repaired. When we were crossing the border, they were doing some construction and the workers kept a bucket full of water that they all drank out of. I never thought about it. I always kind of figured Jesus had a cup when he asked the woman at the well for some water.
We also saw quite a few horse drawn buggies. It was hard to get good pictures because we weren't there for sight seeing.

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Abbi said...

How very interesting. For those of us living in the US it is almost hard to believe that people still live that way. I like that thatched roof.
Your family is sure getting some interesting experiences.